Keeping Macaw parrots as pets is not too hard, however it does require considerable time and commitment. Ensure that you understand how to take proper care of one of these simple regal wild birds prior to bringing one to your home, so you do not get any surprises about behavior or needs on the way.

There’s a couple of different types of Macaw that are offered in a multitude of colors and sizes. You will find Scarlet Macaws, Blue and Gold Macaws, Blue Throated Macaws, Military Macaws, and Greenwing Macaws. The earliest reported Macaw resided for more than a century. Even though the normal expectancy of Macaws is all about 80, will still be an ongoing commitment make with Macaws.

To assist your Macaw achieve their full potential, you have to feed him right. Within the wild, Macaws mainly eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. You’ll have to mimic this as well as you are able to, supplying a good number of vegetables and fruit, plus some nuts. Make certain that nuts are given sparingly, because the captive Macaw does not have a similar energy needs like a wild one, and may become overweight with diet program these fattening foods. You shouldn’t feed a Macaw onions, avocados, tomato plants, chocolate, anything with caffeine, or salted seeds and nuts.

Another essential a part of getting a Macaw is knowing behavior. The majority of the negative behaviors for example excessive screaming and bad consumer habits originate from wild instincts. When you are aware exactly what the rood of those troubles are, you are able to rapidly and simply solve them instead of fighting together with your Macaw of these things. Make sure to have an array of info on Macaws as well as their behavior before getting one. You are able to find these details on the web or perhaps in books.

Some behavior problems originate from improper socialization. Macaws that mainly communicate with only one person will bond to that particular person and could show aggression when others attempt to handle them. Solving this issue is simple. Just make sure that everyone in the home spends time speaking to, cuddling with, and providing affection for your Macaw. It is important for that Macaw to understand that they’re a valued person in your family, like he will be a member of a big flock within the wild. When you are this stuff lower, keeping Macaw parrots as pets is both fun and rewarding.

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