If you feel Denmark only has the Copenhagen Zoo to provide its animal loving visitors, you need to reconsider. There’s really another zoo in the united states particularly within the town of Odense. The Odense Zoo positioned on Sondre Boulevard is Denmark’s second greatest zoo. It depends on a 4-hectare area close to the Odense River featuring a savannah and marsh areas much like a nature reserve in Africa. There’s also trails and wooden bridges for visitors wanting look around the zoo.

For several years now, it is a well known family attraction. Unlike another zoos, that one is open the entire all year round so visiting it’s not an issue. This contemporary zoo in Odense is believed to become two kilometers in the city center and it is accessible by bus and boat. Creatures available there include chimps, giraffes, lions, ostriches, storks, large African wild birds, tigers, zebras and various other exotic creatures. There’s also the most popular dwarf mongooses inside, individuals social creatures known in ancient Egypt to be courageous.

There is a specific area known as Siberia where birch and pine trees abound. Within this place is how the Siberian tigers are stored captive. Among the primary attractions within the Odense Zoo is its Oceanium. Here you’ll take a thrilling visit to little South Usa including a river and rainforests and exotic creatures like the tapirs, myriad wild birds, apes and capybaras. From land, visitors will proceed having a tour underwater first within the freshwater after which towards the barrier reef where colorful species of fish live. The final area of the trip will give you towards the very coldest place in the world where visitors will discover a giant squid, killer whale and flocks of penguins.

Now you learn about Odense Zoo’s wonderful features, make sure to take the family there the next time.

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