Fences keep dogs in and others out. But if you have a pooch that is a master of escaping, or one whose alarm bell goes off as soon as they see other dogs (or people walking past), you need to invest in good fencing!

Here are some of the best ones to help keep your dog calm, safe and happy when you aren’t out and about dog walking London.

  1. Landscaping

If you have a dog that is a jumper or likes to patrol the fence line, consider using landscaping as a way to keep your dog away from the fence. By planting dense shrubs along the fence line, you’ll force your dog to back up, making the jump harder. If you have a patroller, the landscaping will make the barrier zone between the fence and your canine a few feet farther, which might help your dog, take the day off from guard duty. Just remember to regularly check in between the bushes to make sure your dog hasn’t dug a secret tunnel.

  1. Bamboo/Reed Rolls and Slats

If you have a chain link fence and you find that your dog is reacting to stuff they see on the other side of the fence, try zip-tying rolls of fencing onto the inside of your chain link fence. It looks nice and is sturdy. Or if you want more secure protection you can feed plastic slats through your chain link fence.

Either option will stop snouts peeping through the fence.

  1. L-Footer

This type of fencing is perfect for a professional digger. Its wire fencing laid down against the base of the fence and bent perpendicular (90-degree angle) to it, like an “L”. If you want to be extra cautious you can bury this fencing underground, but it doesn’t have to be buried to work. Some people just lay it on top of the grass and add some rocks and garden ornaments to hold down the fort.

  1. Concrete Footer

If you have a serious digger, consider pouring concrete along the perimeter of the fence line and sinking the bottom of the fence into the concrete before it dries.  It’ll take some work, but this is super effective.

  1. Coyote Rollers

If you have a jumper or climber, you can try coyote rollers. They are designed to make it impossible for coyotes to get a grip on the top of the fence (the bar spins). Great for keeping foxes out. You can DIY this with PVC pipe if you’re handy.

  1. Lean-Ins

Another option is to build lean-ins using farm fencing so that the top of your fence is angled in a bit horizontal to the ground. It’s like adding a little awning of security.

Good luck, and keep your beloved pet safe with secure fencing.

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