Over many years of domestication, dogs have become adaptable to any household. Dogs of any breed can thrive in any size of homes. Whether you have a studio apartment or expansive mansion, dogs can accommodate your house and lifestyle very well. All they need is love, care, and a lot of playtimes. Frequent health check-ups at animal medical center Virginia Beach VA plays a crucial role in keeping pets in good shape and health.

Dogs belong to the Canidae family, including wolves, jackals, foxes, and wild dogs. Although we have managed to domesticate dogs successfully, they have some wild instincts. Besides this, dogs are highly intelligent beings who love challenges and regular mental stimulation. Some dog owners find it an overwhelming task to keep their pets entertained and active.

When engaging with your dog, it’s essential to remember that mental activities and games are as important as physical exercise. Physical activities and cognitive stimulation help dogs stay alert, fight boredom, learn tricks, adopt good behavior, and bond with their humans.

In this blog, we have highlighted some fun activities you can do with your dogs to keep them entertained and healthy.

  • Digging

Digging is one of the most common behaviors amongst dogs. It can also get annoying when dogs knockdown that flower pots or destroy the cushions. However, one must keep in mind that dogs are descendants of wild animals, and digging is instinctive. A responsible pet parent must remember not to discourage digging every time. To avoid the destruction of household items, dedicate an area in the backyard where he can explore. If you don’t have a backyard or round the clock access to the garden, get a sandbox, and fill it with soil for your dog to dig. You can further make the digging activity fun by hiding toys or treats in the soil.

  • Scenting

Most animals, including dogs, have a strong sense of smell. Dogs are also curious animals who love to sniff things and dig out the things they smell. For dogs, scenting is also a way to communicate with fellow dogs. One way to offer mental stimulation to your dog is by introducing new scents to them. You can hide goodies and treats with fragrant aroma all around the places and let your dog sniff and find them.

  • Foraging

If you think foraging is for only humans, you are wrong. Small animals like dogs and birds enjoy foraging in the wild. You don’t have to go in the woods for foraging; instead, you can create an enrichment route in the house itself. You can hide treats or scented toys around the backyard and encourage your pet to look for them.

  • Hunting

We all know that dogs are natural hunters. Most dogs have hunting instincts ingrained in them. While it’s crucial to let dogs exercise their natural behavior for their well-being, it’s not always possible to let them be wild.

Small movable toys or noise-making toys make for an excellent substitute for prey animals. If you have cats or little puppy, feather wands are great toys to stimulate their mind and keep them entertained.

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